Orgone Theory
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Basic Information

A concept invented by William Reich based on Vitalism in the form of a psychosexual energy. He claimed to have cultivated small organisms known as bions, small, glowing blue vesicles he described as a sort of proto-life, from organic and inorganic matter heated to high temperatures, which may be seen as related to Nanobacteria and Acari. He claimed to have isolated 'T-bacilli' from rotten tumor samples, which he said grew in unhealthy tissue. As a psychoanalyst, he worked with patients and believed that release of energy through muscular reflexes such as sexual activity was beneficial. His ideas developed into Orgone as a life energy that is concentrated within living things, and which could be trapped with 'Orgone Accumulators'. Albert Einstein showed interest in these ideas, but when an experiment comparing the temperatures inside the devices failed to show any effect, he lost interest. Sigmund Freud was said to have considered his theories overly simplified.


Game and Story Use

  • The right way to portray the idea depends on your group and goals, especially with the sexual themes. It can be played for comedy or taken seriously as Alternative Science, perhaps with a conspiracy element.
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