"There's a man works down the chip-shop swears he's elvish"

(with apologies to the ghost of Ms. McColl)

Basic Information

Otherkin are a subculture of people who believe themselves to be reincarnations of mythological creatures.


See Also

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2. OtherKinDating.Com - what it sounds like.

Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps mythological creatures are staging a comeback to the modern world - but they can only do that by possessing and eventually transforming human host bodies. So the "Otherkin" only think that they have memories of former lives - in reality, these memories are of alien entities who will slowly take them over.
    • Unless someone can exorcise them. And most Otherkin likely won't be cooperative unless they can be convinced of the true danger.
    • Combine this with the things everyone knows about Scientology. The "Otherkin spirits" are Thetans!
  • Even if the otherkin are not what they believe themselves to be, such a delusion could make an interesting character trait for an NPC. (Or an annoying one for a PC).
    • Useful for the half-engaged player who doesn't realise we're not playing fantasy this week - "And Bob? Bob? BOB! Yeah. What are you playing?" "elf wizard, same as always" "…well, this is a 1920s gangster RPG, but you could play someone who thinks he's an elf wizard…"
  • In a fantasy setting, you have someone who claims to be a reincarnation of some powerful monster. Were-monster, unaware shaman, attention-seeking teenager, or something else?
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