Otty Sanchez, Woman Accused Of Killing Newborn, Ate Brain
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July 27, 2009: A woman in San Antonio, Texas killed her 3 1/2 week old infant son and ate parts of him (including his brain) before stabbing herself. She later claimed that Satan made her do it.

Furthermore, there have been a number of other cases in Texas where mothers killed their children, including a case in 2001 where a woman drowned her five children and another one in 2004 where the mother sliced off the arms of her child.


Game and Story Use

  • Maybe it wasn't Satan who made her do it, but a wendigo - which are known for possessing people and making them commit acts of cannibalism. But what's a wendigo doing so far south?
  • Infanticide in the American South West? Might la-llorona be involved somehow?
  • Cannibalism and infanticide has shades of Lamia about it as well…
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