Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions
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Basic Information

Often in science fiction, religion -when it shows up - is shown as a tool of control without real moral purpose. Other times an advanced civilization has given up religion as backward or primitive, although a small number of harmless fanatics may still keep to their faiths. In either case it is downplayed as a constructive element in society.


Game and Story Use

  • In the (admittedly biased) opinion of this arcanist, this attitude is a cartoonishly simplistic view of religion and that an NPC holding this view would come off as pompous and condescending.
    • Which isn't to say you couldn't pull it off.
  • As always, when introducing religious themes into a campaign use caution and make sure your players are comfortable with it.
  • This attitude, whether in a society or an individual NPC, is much funnier once you drop the masquerade on them and have them scrabbling to come to terms with the supernatural.
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