Paracas Skulls
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Basic Information

The Paracas Skulls are a collection of deformed, humanoid skulls found in a necropolis in Paracas in Peru. The skulls have a high, pointed dome that makes them look almost egg-shaped in profile and apparently an average 25% greater cranial capacity than baseline humans.

Mainstream science is pretty certain that these are just the remains of normal humans whose skulls were deliberately deformed by the practice of skull-binding for cosmetic effects: a practice well documented amongst many pre-Columbian Amerindian peoples.

More "fringe" opinion suggests that the original owners of these skulls were partly or completely non-human and that they were nephilim, human/alien hybrids or something similar. There are even claims that there is DNA evidence of this non-human origin.

See Also


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1. full source reference

Game and Story Use

  • As noted, in real life, this is a moonbat-debunking scenario.
  • In a slightly more paranormal campaign, PCs could be involved in covering up the reality of such claims
  • These would struggle to be Nephilim skulls (the article cites mitochondrial DNA evidence, which one gets from ones mother and the mothers of the Nephilim were, after all, human), but human/alien and human/sasquatch hybrids might be an idea, or even just a radically different human subspecies.
    • For greater deviation, these might be children of Lillith (as opposed to Eve) or survivors of a different creation (for those who hold with the idea of sucessive creations - which would be very appropriate for an Amerindian culture).
    • Atlanteans, Muvians, Hyperboreans and other mythical civilisations might also be implicated.
  • Even if these are as entirely human as they appear to be, the question of why skull binding was practiced is still fuzzy - the general consensus is that a binding deformed skull was thought to grant greater intelligence and/or social status, but this still raises the question of why this belief arose in the first place.
    • Imitation of the high skulled greys is a common fringe theory.
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