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Basic Information

The Patasola is a form of vampire that exists in the folklore of South America (see South American Folklore), often presented as being a guardian of the forest. She appears to lonely men in the wilderness (typically hunters or loggers) and seduces them. The Patasola can appear as a beautiful and voluptuous woman, or as a long lost love. They seem summoned when a man in the rainforest thinks about a woman.

Only after they have let down their guard does she reveal her true nature. In her true form, the Patasola has a single leg. She feeds on human blood and flesh, and is terrifying to behold. She may be related to the Sayona, Tunda, Marimonda or Madremonte. Despite some superficial resemblances, Patasola are probably not related to the skiapod.



Game and Story Use

  • As if the Jungles of South America weren't dangerous enough, now you have to watch out for seductive one-legged vampires.
  • Is it really one-legged - or is it in fact tailed instead of legged? Could the Patasola be nothing more than an undead and vampiric naga?
    • A monster that resembles a beautiful woman above the waist and a serpent below and seduces men to feed on their blood would also seem to resemble Keats' lamia.
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