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Basic Information

A pentacle is an amulet or talisman used as a ritual tool in some traditions of magic and/or worn as a general magical protective device. Where used in ritual magic, the pentacle is either worn around the neck or wielded in the left hand (generally with the wand or athame in the right) when commanding spirits. The pentacle is often thought to be aligned to the element of earth.

Contrary to popular belief the pentacle and pentagram are not synonymous and designs have been known to include magic squares, the Seal of Solomon, Celtic Crosses and more esoteric symbols as well as inscriptions detailing the names of various spirits and other entities. The extensive use of pentagrams tends to be a symptom of wicca practice.

Whatever form it may take, the pentacle can also be made of a variety of materials: metal discs are common for those worn as an amulet, but they can also be drawn onto parchment or paper, woven or painted onto cloth or made in a variety of other substances. The materials used may have a bearing on its effectiveness - possibly depending on the tradition and purpose of the magic in use - or may be irrelevant.


The Key of Solomon - a fairly standard occult textbook including several useful pentacle designs.

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Game and Story Use

  • As primarily defensive magic, these would seem to be the purview of ward magic. In mechanistic terms they would probably improve defences against attacks by summoned entities or otherwise neutralise their powers. Alternatively they could help protect against dangerous consequences of the use of other forms of magic.
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