Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build Gay Bomb
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June 10, 2007: At one point, the Military of the United States considered a proposal to research a chemical weapon which was intended to turn its targets homosexual and also acted as an aphrodisiac so that enemy forces would be more interested in gay sex than fighting, thus hurting enemy morale.



Game and Story Use

  • This might actually work in a campaign that's equally silly and cinematic. But make sure that you and your players appreciate this kind of humor…
    • A mad scientist who threatens to blackmail a city with such a bomb likely won't be taken seriously by the players. Even if, in that world, it is based on Pentagon research…
  • In a fantasy setting, this actually becomes somewhat more plausible. After all, many such worlds already contain love potions or mind-altering spells. If certain cultures have strong taboos against homosexuality, being able to use such magic against their military forces would be a very effective threat, since their soldiers (and their leaders) will try to avoid becoming targets of such weapons at all costs.
    • Of course, actually using such weapons on them will likely cause them to truly loathe you…
  • Defense funding can be spent on rather silly-sounding research. Perhaps your villain is getting funding by trying to sell the government something as a weapon?
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