Basic Information

This page is for historical or legendary figures who might be useful in a campaign. It should be limited to people who actually existed (such as George Washington) or to people of legend who lie in the "public domain" (such as Robin Hood). Purely literary creations, (such as Captain Nemo or Bertie Wooster) are better left in their own category.

The people listed are categorized into rough historical periods. The dates given for these periods are inexact and intended only as a general guideline. We may subdivide them further in the future. Maybe.

We've also added a few thematic categories at the bottom - including one for people that went missing mysteriously.

Other Groups of People

Game and Story Use

  • Historical figures can be used as colorful NPCs that the players meet in the course of their adventures
  • Important figures can be used as Patrons (You are a Secret Service Agent reporting directly to President Grant) or as Enemies (You are a King's Musketeer fighting against the plots of Cardinal Richelieu)
  • In a time travel campaign, plots can involve protecting a historically significant figure or insuring that the person accomplishes what he is supposed to.
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