People In Rubber Suits

Basic Information

People In Rubber Suits are aliens with a similar body layout to humans, and with only cosmetic changes from human appearance.

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Game and Story Use

  • For shows trying to emulate science fiction television series, this trope is in-genre and may be what players expect. On the other hand, there is no reason to stick to it in other science fiction settings - unlike TV shows, RPGs don't have to worry about a special effects budget.
  • This trope is also common in fantasy games - partially because they are based on human mythology, partially because this justifies having interchangeable equipment for a variety of player character races.
  • It also works for settings where the various "alien" races are for the most part just metaphors for different aspects of the human condition.
  • This can be legitimate if all of your "aliens" are in fact parahumans derived from GM human stock. Even if no-one remembers that anymore.
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