People Of The Bible
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Basic Information

This is a list of prominent people mentioned in the Bible. It is not meant to be exhaustive and we'll undoubtedly add to it as we slowly expand the site:

People of the Old Testament

People of the New Testament

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1. Book: The Bible, obviously

Game and Story Use

  • Players in a historical or time travel campaign might concievably encounter biblical figures
    • Before introducing such characters, though, you might want to gauge how comfortable your players are with religious themes.
  • Figures from the Bible may also be used as models for NPCs; for example, a leader of a large group of refugees could be modeled after Moses, or firey preacher after John the Baptist
    • An expy of Abraham would make a decent encounter in the wilderness - especially if your campaign is going to span long periods of time so that the PCs (or their descendants) get to see what his descendants become.
  • You could even use the sons of Israel as a basis for setting up a party as a group of nomad siblings caught up in some heavy plot arc…
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