Perky Female Minion
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Basic Information

Every villain has his minions; so why can't one of them be cute? The Perky Female Minion is cheerful and upbeat, a fun girl to be around. Sure, her boss is an evil megalomaniac, but hey, a girl's gotta make a living.

Sometimes the Perky Female Minion is more sarcastic than bubbly; but either way she provides a contrast to a dark, brooding Mastermind.



Game and Story Use

  • By definition, this character is an NPC.
  • She does not, however, have to be working for the BBEG. She could be, say, the party patron's executive assistant, or a supporting character in the party.
    • She could even be a loyal, but non-evil follower of the BBEG, carefully positioned to tilt the moral event horizon for any trigger happy PCs.
  • A Player could conceivably choose to make her character a Perky Minion, if she was okay with taking a subordinate role to another player; but the character type really works better as an NPC.
  • For serious nightmare fuel the perky minion also happens to be the BBEG's torturer, bodyguard or hitgirl. Maybe she's even The Dragon … or the real BBEG. This may give the game something of a hentai air though…
    • You say that like it's a bad thing.
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