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Go ahead and laugh all you want
I got my philosophy
And I trust it like the ground
That's why my philosophy
Keeps me walking when I'm falling down

Ben Folds Five Philosophy

Basic Information

Philosophy (Gk. "love of wisdom") is, in theory at least, the study of universal human concepts and problems by reasoned argument. In practice, a great deal of dogma will tend to be taken as read by any given school of philosophy and many of them can end up becoming, effectively, godless religions. Indeed, some practices that are traditionally defined as religions fit equally well into the category of philosophies.

List of Philosophies

List of Philosophers

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Game and Story Use

  • Philosophies can drive the motivations and actions of characters just as much as religion.
  • Philosophical conflicts can be a driver for more material conflicts, just as religion can.
  • Instead of character alignment, you might have players pick a moral or political philosophy the character follows.
  • Many historical philosophers were rather interesting people, and could be dropped into your game as needed.
    • Just be careful to not mention irrational numbers around Pythagoras.
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