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Basic Information

Phlogiston is a fifth element beyond the four elements of Ancient Greece. According to Phlogiston theory, it's supposedly contained within all combustible bodies. It has no colour, odour, taste, or mass. Burning things releases it. Or would, if it existed, which it doesn't. But that should never get in the way of good gaming.

For more information, see Phlogiston Theory.



Game and Story Use

  • Phlogiston may make a good phlebotinum, provided you can figure out a way to harvest it that doesn't consume it.
    • It may have properties of fire, air, and plasma (physics).
    • It may be magical or energetic.
    • It may have anti-gravity properties. (Just extrapolating from that hole "heat rises" thing.)
      • It may be akin to dark matter. (I mean, if it's released by burning, and can't be seen - well then it could be what the sun is burning, and/or it might escape into the universe. Or so the logic would go.)
  • As a relative of the classic elements, it may form the body of an elemental creature.
    • Or become the basis of phlogistoni-mancy, which probably has a lot in common with pyromancy.
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