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Basic Information

Pilatusstadt is a mythological place. Its existence is reported in a legend in the village of Hausen near Forchheim, Germany. According to the legend Pontius Pilate, the Prefect of the Roman Empire who agreed to the crucifixion of Jesus, originally came from Hausen and later entered the service of the Roman Empire. In it, he attained vast riches which allowed him to build a large city near his home - the Pilatusstadt (German for "City of Pilate"). But in the instant he condemned Jesus, the whole city was swallowed up by the earth. The legend further says that one day a rooster will dig out the tip of a tower belonging to Pilatusstadt, causing the city to rise again.

See Also


2. Das Pilatus-Puzzle - German only
3. Die Pilatussage von Hausen - German book on the legend

Game and Story Use

  • The city might rise again as part of a general "The Magic Returns" setting.
  • Perhaps the subterranean city is now inhabited by fairies or other monsters.
    • A powerful member of those species could use this city as a fortress.
  • No doubt this ancient Roman city also holds all sorts of other arcane secrets to be found by adventurers braving its depths - in other words, it could be a great dungeon!
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