Pisces (Sun Sign)
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Basic Information

Sun Sign: Pisces
Born: February 19-March 20
Dreamer. Healer. Compassionate. Gentle. Artist. Philanthropist. Sensitive and easily hurt. Timid. Gullible. Lazy.
Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Sign: the Fishes
Tarot Card: The Moon


Game and Story Use

  • May be the "easy mark" who falls victim to a con man to get the plot rolling.
  • A reasonable archetype for a healer. Might lack the focus and determination to become a doctor, but may have the quiet compassion necessary for a monk who heals the sick as a charitable act.
  • Sensitive artist types are often receptive to the alien brain transmissions of the cthulhu mythos, and with the water-connection a pisces is doubly-likely (by way of Deep Ones) to be a thematic match.
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