Planet Farm
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Basic Information

The Planet Farm is an entire planet given over to Agriculture. Comes in a couple varieties, the Down On The Farm multiple-small-owner version, or the hugely corporate factory farm version. The former is more idyllic and pastoral, the later may be run with an iron fist. Probably has a relationship with the Planet City or The Empire, as places they ship their food to, or as the outside forces that oppress and micromanage them.

Terrain Features:



Game and Story Use

  • Any good galaxy-spanning empire probably has a few of these to fuel new colonies and worlds whose population has exceeded their agricultural means.
  • The point of the Planet Farm is to prevent, overcome, or stave off the Malthusian Catastrophe.
  • Note, however, that this requires fairly cheap space travel - more so if the food is to be delivered fresh, and probably either terraforming or massive coincidence.
  • Slightly more credible may be the frontier style planet with lots of people engaged in near-subsistence level agriculture - which allows western characters like the determined homesteader to be recycled in space.
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