Planet Roanoke
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By goldenerasuburbgoldenerasuburb


The Adventure Seed

You finally made it. After a ungodly amount of time in crystasis you have arrived at Sigma 6, where the hard working first wave colonists have no doubt been hard at work spearheading the thrust of civilization on a savage new world. Those were your initial thoughts. But when you first left the ship, you find the colony the first wavers built abandoned.

The people in charge don't waste time pondering what went wrong. They have a colony to reestablish. You second wavers have your work cut out for you, trying to civilize a hostile wilderness. The first-wavers were supposed to be the one doing this kind of stuff. It doesn't help your demeanor that there are rumors going 'round about monsters lurking around picking off colonists who stray too far from the main base. Meanwhile you have been gaining the trust of the higher ups by going on missions for them an getting the job done. When they assign you and your team to find out if there is any truth to the rumors, you don't second guess them.

Then you see the monsters, and they look downright… human. If it weren't for the radiation-scarred skin and razor sharp teeth, they'd look absolutely human. They do not, however, act human. They are eating the flesh of a dead second-waver, and once they find out of your presence, they try to eat you. It is clear what is going on here: For one reason or another, the first wavers have descended into cannibalistic savagery, and now are preying on you second wavers. Prepare for a long and brutal struggle to survive. Prepare for life on Planet Roanoke.

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