Police - U.S. teens were hit men for Mexican cartel
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March 13, 2009: Three American teenagers were initiated as assassins for the Mexican Gulf Cartel, one of Mexico's two major drug cartels. They were recruited into a group called "Los Zetas" when they hung out in clubs south of the border.

After receiving quasi-military training, the teenagers lived in safe houses around Laredo, and were paid up to $50,000 and 2 kilos of cocaine for each assassination. They also sported facial markings and tattoos of Santa Muerte.



Game and Story Use

  • If the PCs are fighting the drug trade, they might be targeted by such teenage assassins as well.
  • The PCs might be hired by the distraught parents to retrieve these children. But when they learn that the "lost children" are murderers, what can they do to protect their clients and still do their jobs?
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