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Derived from the German for "noisy spirit" the poltergeist is a spiritual entity whose presence is marked by violent disturbances - objects being thrown around and/or broken, doors and windows being slammed or thrown open, furniture being moved and, occasionally, the mysterious appearance of graffiti. Poltergeist activity may also be exhibited in cases of demonic oppression or possession or by other supernatural manifestations, and part of the battle may be characterising the entity responsible. Actual levels of aggression vary - some restrict themselves to making noise, others are quite destructive and others have been known to actually attack people, either with thrown objects or, occasionally, with direct blows.

The purpose of poltergeist activity is also not always clear - in some cases, it is suspected that the disturbances are the results of (possibly frustrated) attempts to communicate, in some they appear clearly malicious and in some they appear random.

There is also a partial correlation between poltergeist activity and the presence of adolescents (typically female) in a household, but this is far from exact.

Besides the idea of poltergeist activity being attributable to spirit entities, there are also competing theories that they may be psycho-kinetic in nature and similar activity has previously also been attributed to irritated - or irritating fae.


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