Pope Lick Monster
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Basic Information

The Pope Lick Monster is a creature that reportedly lives in a trestle spanning the Floyd's Fork Creek near Fisherville in Louisville, Kentucky. It appears as a deformed human with an alabaster-colored face with short horns protruding from it, and the hairy legs of a goat. Some stories say it uses hypnosis or mimicry to lure humans before an oncoming train, others claim that it attacks people with a bloody axe. Finally, some claim that its mere appearance is so disturbing that people will jump off the trestle on their own accord when they see it.

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Game and Story Use

  • What's a satyr doing so far from Greece?
    • If satyrs are fairy creatures, as is commonly believed, then what is it doing near such a huge construction of iron - a metal thought inimical to fairies?
    • Given satyr's traditional rape habits, you could posit that it was a throwback, born from a community of Greek or other Balkan immigrants with several "part satyr" members who eventually produced a child who was "close enough" to the real thing. Satyrs were thought to have some limited powers of entrancement (usually through pipe music) and might well use it to lure someone into the path of a train.
    • An immigrant relic community still practicing ancient Greek religion might invoke a Satyr in their new homeland.
  • For Lovecraft fans, several mythos critters are known for their goaty feet and/or goaty footed offspring - Shubb-Niggurath is the most obvious, but the more human-like of Yog-Sototh's two sons from the Dunwich event was also described as distinctly goaty from the waist down.
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