Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico
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August 15, 2008: Mexican archeologists have discovered stone temples in a cave complex, which ancient Mayans believed were a portal to the Mayan underworld Xibalba.


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Pluto's Gate uncovered in Turkey - pretty much the same thing on the other side of the planet.

Game and Story Use

  • If someone knows the right rituals, he could use the portal to physically enter Xibalba while still alive and converse with the Mayan dead, gaining much occult knowledge in the process.
    • Or even just summon the spirits of the (Mayan) dead to indulge in necromancy.
  • Alternatively, intruders might accidentally (or deliberately) break the wards that keep the Mayan dead in Xibalba, thus releasing them to wreak havoc in the normal world.
  • Give the character of the Mayan and Incan pantheons, their land of the dead might be well worth avoiding.
  • Far from the only "gateway to the underworld" on the planet - Lake Avernus in Campagnia is another example.
  • Could be a bad place - or just a weak spot where it's easy to open an extraplanar gate.
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