‘Prepare for war,’ Chavez warns Venezuelan military, populace
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November 8, 2009: Hugo Chavez, leader of Venezuela (the fifth-largest oil exporter in the world) says his country should prepare for war. Who would they be fighting against? The United States and Columbia, according to Chavez.

The revolution and drug-trafficking in Columbia often threatens to spill over into Venezuela. Some sources allege that Chavez may actually be providing support and materials to the rebels in Columbia. Chavez's opposition in his own country, lead by Manuel Rosales, has reportedly offered a $25 million dollar assassination contract on him, according to a Columbian Hit Man captured by Venezuelan authorities.

Recent treaties between Columbia and the U.S. will soon station U.S. Troops on bases in Columbia, using Predator drones to battle the drug cartels. Chavez believes those troops and drones will be used to exert U.S. influence in other aspects of the region.



Game and Story Use

  • The PCs are sent to Columbia to hunt down drug-smugglers, kidnappers, or terrorists. They must be very careful about where they are while in pursuit. If the PCs stray across the border, they may accidentally spark a much larger conflict.
  • Twenty Minutes Into The Future, this could already be a full-blown war.
    • Didn't Cyberpunk 2020 have some sort of South American war in it's setting backstory?
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