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Basic Information

A profession is a type of job that someone can enter.

(Technically, the term "Profession" refers to a job that has a specific license and corresponding educational requirement, probably including an Oath. But on this page we're using the more colloquial definition of "Profession" meaning "Job", "Career" or "Occupation".)

Professions by Era or Setting

This is an index of lists of professions organized (very roughly) by time frame.

Professions by Theme or Discipline

This is an index of lists of professions organized by theme or focus, and sorted alphabetically.

One HUGE List

All professions from all of the above links (and other sources) have been gathered onto this list:


Game and Story Use

  • Some professions are inherently more exiting and dangerous, and thus prime adventurer material. Others require more work to make them fit into a game, but it is often worthwhile - "ordinary people" getting thrust into extraordinary situations is a common trope with many games, such as Call of Cthulhu.
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