Prominent Missing Persons
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Basic Information

This is a category page for prominent people who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances like:

Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Amelia Earhart
D.B. Cooper
Jimmy Hoffa
Joseph Force Crater
Glenn Miller

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Game and Story Use

  • The PC's might be hired to locate a person who disappeared under mysterious circumstances
    • Perhaps the missing person is a key to a deeper mystery
  • A PC might actually be a Missing Person who for one reason or another has left his previous life and is living under a different identity.
  • Is there a single cause behind these disappearances?
    • Magic spells?
    • Time Travellers?
    • Space Aliens?
  • A group of PCs who have been thus snatched from their normal lives might make a possible League of Extraordinary Whatevers.
  • One of the problems with being famous is that you can't just sneak off somewhere - if your characters have built up enough of a reputation they won't be able to engage in anything covert, or retire, or even go off on holiday in peace. If they want privacy, they need to disappear, and if they suceeed then they need to be prepared for all sorts of interest in where they went and suspicion about where they've been if they reappear.
    • This actually pisses pretty badly on one of the staples of the superhero genre - if you are, for example, a high profile business magnate then, etymological wrangles about the "super" part aside, if you try to sneak off to engage in costumed vigilante action, everyone will notice your disappearances and, sooner or later, your secret will be out.
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