Prophecy Twist
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Basic Information

Since the wording of a prophecy can traditionally be cryptic, poetic, arcane and at times downright misleading, it may be impossible to determine just what it is talking about until it has already happened. A prophecy twist happens when the true significance of such a prophecy is revealed.

Contrast the more blatant counterpart, the Prophetic Fallacy. See also the more straightforward No Man Of Woman Born. A Self Fulfilling Prophecy is often made to happen by people acting on a wrong interpretation of it.



Game and Story Use

  • A prophecy that is central to a plot could take the shape of a long series of predictions, so that the way to read only becomes clear as plot-relevant things start to happen. Ideally the heroes will understand it almost exactly by the time the climactic last stage begins.
  • Since cryptic prophecies are highly traditional, feel free to have fun making prophecies pcs can obtain through supernatural abilities (or by paying the right npcs) hard to interpret properly. Especially if you feel these abilities are otherwise too powerful and plot-wrecking.
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