Punch Clock Hero
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Basic Information

The Punch Clock Hero would not be interested in the struggle between good or evil were there not bills to pay. Since there are, it's a matter of job opportunity - if the good side provides a better one than the evil side, than this character is on the side of good. If not, he or she is a Punch Clock Villain.



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Game and Story Use

  • Each of the PCs could be one of these.
    • The session begins with them being given their mission by the forces of good, as well as being told how much money they get if they succeed. They are given instructions on what they must do, as well as what they must not do in order to succeed. And since these are the forces of good, there will be moral boundaries which if they cross will mean their immediate termination. They don't need to be devoted acolytes, but they at least need to be better than their enemies.
  • They could run into an NPC Punch Clock Hero. There is plenty of room for conflict between this character and the PCs who are in it for the greater good.
  • The nature of the two sides has to be determined for this to work. There has to be a reason they thought good was a better job opportunity than evil. Perhaps job security isn't that good/ is horrible on the side of evil. Failure means death, and if you are lucky it's swift. The side of good may be preachy but it's safer.
  • This suits the slightly cynical and/or mercenary hero, the hard-bitten muscle or jaded PI - often as a foil for more idealistic PCs.
  • An attached trope is a "redemption arc" for this sort of character, whereby they become attached to the "genuine good guys" and are slowly brought around to the side of good. Usually works around the idea that the Punch Clock Hero was originally a straight up hero, but became disillusioned - working with genuine heroes thaws his frozen heart out and returns him to full hero status.
    • Cinematically this character will spend the beginning of the movie carefully ensuring that he is paid, but by the closing credits has turned down a significant payment our of camaraderie.
  • Possibly a good job for the Pet Monster as well.
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