Punch Dagger
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Basic Information

The punch dagger is, as the name implies, a subspecies of dagger designed to be used in a punching motion. Thus, it is generally built on the plan of a capital "T" with the crossbar gripped in the user's hand and the vertical providing or mounting the blade. An alternative plan - as found in the Indian katar and similar weapons - uses a capital "H" shaped hilt with the blade attached across the ends of the verticals and the crossbar once more serving as the grip. Other variations are possible.

For ergonomic reasons, these are generally piercing weapons, sometimes with a "blade" consisting of nothing more than a metal spike, whilst other designs are also sharpened for slashing and/or to create a wider wound channel.
Properly designed, these also make good stealth weapons, with the blade concealed by the user's fingers when the hand is open, but protruding between them when he balls his fist to strike.


Game and Story Use

  • Where the rules are in question, consider allowing these to be used with unarmed combat skills as well as or instead of weapon skills.
  • A good weapon for stealth-kill characters. Allow a bonus to wield them in plain sight, especially for characters with sleight of hand skills.
  • Popular as a design for concealed weapons as well.
  • Also a popular weapon for criminals, whether in prison or sneaking up to you in a dark alley.
  • Katar style hilts can also provide hand protection when parrying an opponent's blade.
  • Popular amongst the many weapons of Titus Pullo in Rome.
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