Punk Genre
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Basic Information

This is a directory page for the various speculative fiction genres which share in the 'punk meme - usually cynical deconstructions of a related genre emphasising how a given technological revolution can lampshade or exacerbate human misery (where the parent genre would usually depict them as solving humanity's problems) and the dystopiae that result. Specific examples include:

  • Dungeonpunk - where gritty low fantasy is blended with urban squalor and magitek industrialisation.
  • Clockpunk - where anachronistic pre-steam technologies meet the historical cruelties of the late renaissance and early modern period.
  • Steampunk - sometimes blended with colonial era Sci-fi, but often with a jaundiced modern eye on the mindsets of the colonial era.
  • Dieselpunk aka. Punk punk - a more squalid and violent version of the twentieth and twenty first centuries, often assuming that some or all of the social decay trends identified in that period when unarrested and continued to their conclusion.
  • Cyberpunk - near future coroporate dystopiae with heavy emphasis on cybernetic body modification, virtual reality based hacking and unremitting urban violence.
  • Rocketpunk - deconstruction of 50s "golden age" sci-fi, with the sordid side of the 50s mixed in to the shiny, optimistic genre that grew out of that era.


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