Railroad Engineer
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Basic Information

The Railroad Engineer is the "driver" of a train. He's responsible for the maintenance of the engine, controls its speed, and requires an intimate knowledge of the route and its peculiarities. Prior to 1950 and the invention of better braking systems, he would signal to the Railroad Brakemen when they needed to slow down the train.

Famous Railroad Engineers:

  • Casey Jones - John Luther "Casey" Jones - died stopping a crashing train
  • Jesús García, the Hero of Nacozari - drove away a flaming train full of explosives so it wouldn't destroy the town



Game and Story Use

  • During the Train Robbery, the Wild West Outlaw has to Intimidate the Engineer into stopping the train, or else it'll be much harder to offload the stolen loot and possibly take you all the way to town.
  • Likewise, to steal a train, make sure you have someone who knows how to drive the type of locomotive that you're stealing.
  • If something bad happens to the Railroad Engineer, the train (and it's crew, passengers, and cargo) may be in danger.
    • This is the steam-age equivalent of "does anyone aboard know how to fly a plane" (although admittedly in this case you can "land" fairly safely by letting the steam come off).
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