Random Adventure Seeds
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If you can't come up with an adventure, you can use this page for inspiration. Below you will find three random links to other pages on the Arcana Wiki. Use them to come up with the basic idea for an adventure, and share your idea with others.

Note: Sometimes the random pages listed will include index and other pages without inspirational material. This is a known issue, and will be solved eventually - see the To Do List for details. In the meantime, if you find a useless combination simply wait a minute or so for the Random Page function to refresh, and reload the page.


2008 - Does time travel start here?

Summary February 9, 2008: Two Russian mathematicians speculate that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland could produce miniature wormholes, thus making time travel possible. See Also...

Brainwashed And Crazy

Basic Information Brainwashed And Crazy is a mind manipulation trope. It refers to a type of brainwashing where the victim becomes violent towards others as a result. Given the amount of psychological...

Huge Sea Worm Captured in Britain

Summary April 2, 2009: A giant sea worm has been captured at an aquarium in Newquay, United Kingdom. The creature is over four foot in length, and is covered with bristles which can cause permanent...

List of Random Adventure Seeds

Enter your own adventure seed into the list below. Use the "Random Adventure Seed" template to create the new page, and give your entry the "adventure_seed" tag. Do not feel too constrained by the keywords you have generated - they are supposed to serve as inspiration, not rules. For example, if you get a specific city as a keyword, you do not need to use that city as background - instead, use a prominent element of the city as inspiration for a similar locale in your adventure.

Furthermore, once you have created a new adventure seed, don't forget a link to it from each of the three component entries so that others can easily find it! Do so at the beginning of the "Game and Story Use" section in the following manner:

  • AlterWiki of Prague
    • Odd vandalism to a Wiki site may actually be messages from another universe !
  • Berserker Hunters
    • Self-replicating, planet killing warships made by a long dead race to kill all other intelligent life are assaulting humanity, but the noble house's efforts to deal with the problem are ineffectual at best. It is the PCs job to do what they will not.
  • Calamari Caper
    • Clearing a friend of a trumped-up drug charge leads to squid canning plant with a sinister secret
  • Caverns of Chaos
    • A spelunker found driven mad deep in a cavern provides a clue to a dimensional portal
  • The Fires of the Deep
    • Government psychics have uncovered a Halloween plot by cultists to unleash infernal fire from the earth
  • Fourth Biker of the Apocalypse
    • A mysterious woman on a motorbike appears whenever something really evil is about to happen
  • The Good, the Evil, and the -----
    • The forces of order and chaos are clashing, and the PCs fight on one side or the other. But they don't care about the order or chaos part.
  • The Hunt for the Dreamers
    • A missing database contains the names of people whose dreams have the power to warp reality
  • Jailhouse Stock
    • Not so much an adventure seed as a suggestion for how to start a campaign … but it seemed happier here than anywhere else.
  • Jumpgate to Elohi
    • A large portion of humanity has embarked on a project of immense scale and ambition: A jumpgate that if built will allow contact between our species and an ancient and powerful alien civilization. Terrorists, labor revolts, and political squabbles threaten to disrupt the effort, and the PCs must deal with this.
  • Lost Hippies of the Catacombs
    • A New Age community in an underground labyrinth has mysteriously disappeared.
  • Newspaper Ghost
    • A ghost who communicates through headlines and newsprint warns of impending cuddly evil.
  • Oasis in the Ice
    • An idyllic paradise is found hidden in the Greenland ice cap. How did it get there?
  • Ogres of the Ice World
    • A monstrous alien race has laid claim to a remote, uninhabited planet; and they want you out. What do they really want with this world?
  • Only the Strong Survive
    • An Ancient Roman coffin found in the Wisconsin North Woods is part of cult's plan to unleash Cosmic Horror
  • Planet Roanoke
    • A group of second wave space colonists (led by the PCs) must fend off the first-wave, who have descended into cannibalistic savagery.
  • Red Reign of the Rat King
    • A vampire seeks an artifact that will give him vast powers over vermin
  • Revenge of the Cargo Cult
    • Natives on a remote and primitive island are seeking revenge on the traders who exploited them.
  • Singularity City
    • In the near future, a new city, risen out of the rubble of disaster, promises to be the hope of the future; but the city also has a dark side. Will the future be bright and shiny, or grim and gritty?
  • Tentacles of Space
    • A space station being built out of a hollowed-out asteroid is menaced by a cephelapodic horror from another dimension!!!
  • Texas Red Zombie Chainsaw Massacre
    • Commie Zombies are invading a Texas College! Run and hide!
  • The Mountain Hammer
    • The legendary weapon waiting to be seized from the BBEG at the end of a dungeon-crawl turns out be bigger and scarier than anyone could have imagined…
  • Zedekiah Brown
    • A petty miscreant suffering an anachronistic punishment and no one seems to notice him; what dark secret lies behind his sentence?
  • What happened in Stone Creek...
    • A sinister lab is performing terrifying experiments; a local minister is stirring up an angry mob; and you are in the middle.
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