Random Animal Hybrid
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Basic Information

This page can be used as a random generator if you want to come up with an animal hybrid, chimera, beastman or eldritch abomination. Leave the tab at "1 Half-Human" if you want to create a human with animal features or an animal shapeshifter, such as a werewolf. Use the other tabs (with correspondingly more animal parts) if you want to create a complex monster like those found in many mythologies - such as griffins, manticores, pegasi and so on.

This tab is for generating Half-Human Hybrids, Beastmen, Lycanthropes, Centaurs and the like.

Your creature is part


and part

Variations and Considerations:

Half-Human Hybrid - Mythology and horror film alike often feature creatures that are part man, part something else. These come in several varieties:
* Beastmen are humanoids with a variety of traits from any one specific animal species. The typical beastman has a generally human body shape, with an animal head. Feet and legs are usually per the animal (adjusted for size and scale), and if the animal has fur, scales, feathers or other interesting body coverings the beastman will as well. Hands are usually human-like, but if the animal has natural weaponry such as talons or claws those may modify the fingers. These are traditional, but feel free to come up with your own variations.
* Centaur, Onocentaur, Mermaid and other creatures with the upper body of a human, and lower body of an animal. No one tends to think about the fact that a centaur would have two ribcages and probably two hearts, so you can almost certainly get away with whatever strange biology and physiology strikes your fancy.
* Theriocephaly - Otherwise-human beings with the head of an animal. The only thing "wrong" with them is the head. For example, the Minotaur of Greek myth and many of the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.
* Human-headed animals, such as Sphinx, Lamassu, Manticore, etc, are a common theme in mythology. Some of these are more properly composite monsters as they include more parts than just human and one other species. You may find the "Mythic Chimera" tab useful for generating their composite bodies.
* Therianthropy - Humans that can turn into animals, and/or the converse of that. In other words, shape-shifting and lycanthropy. It's fairly common in folklore and film for such creatures to also have a transitional or hybrid form that carries features of both species.

Other Ideas

There's more than one way to skin a cat, drape it over some other critter, and call that a hybrid. Here's a few notions that don't fit completely within any single tab.

  • Composite Monster - Monsters who have features or body parts from a variety of animals. Examples: the Chimera, the Questing Beast, Griffin, Pegasus, Onocentaur, etc.
  • Additive Monster - Monsters who are very similar to existing animals, but have more of certain body parts than you might expect. Examples: Sleipnir, Ettin, Hydra, etc. It's quite common for composite monsters to also be additive monsters, such as the Chimera which had heads from three species.
  • Mutant - Monsters may have parts that are misshapen, out of proportion, or distinct in a variety of ways. This can be in addition to having features from more than one species. Such mutations might be random and "natural", or they may be the result of genetic engineering.
  • Frankenstein's Monster - A hybrid might be a composite undead literally stitched together from the corpses of other creatures. See also Golem and Construct.
  • Glamour Failure - A creature might seem more-or-less normal in some circumstances, and only reveal its true (or hybrid) nature under close observation (or when it's about to attack).

Expanding this Generator

If you want to add more animals to the random generator, go to the List of Animals, add new entries, and give them the natural_animal tag. This tag should be used exclusively for real-world animals, but extinct species would be fine.

There are currently 96 pages with the "natural_animal" tag.

The various tabs also make use of some other tags, so make sure to add them as appropriate.

  • The aquatic_animal tag can be applied to animals that are highly adapted to life in or under the water. This feeds into the "mer-creature" tab and the "abomination" tab.
  • The legged_animal tag can be applied to animals that have legs. This feeds into the "mythological chimera" tab and the "abomination" tab.
  • The tailed_animal tag can be applied to animals that have tails. This feeds into the "mythological chimera" tab and the "abomination" tab.
  • The winged_animal tag can be applied to animals that have wings. This feeds into the "mythological chimera" tab, the "abomination" tab, and the "winged version" tab (which generates one animal with and one without this tag)
  • I've also started applying a horned_animal tag, This feeds into the "abomination" tab.
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