Random Characters
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This page serves as a quick and convenient way of generating a character concept by making use of the Random Page module, the tag system of the Wiki, and the Trope section. This page is still highly experimental, and since the tropes section is still incomplete, the variety of possible character combinations is still a bit limited - but once the relevant sections are expanded, it should work nicely.

Random Character

Note: The Random Page function presently does not refresh very often, so wait one or more minutes before reloading the page.

Character role


It really is as simple as that - your character is easily and simply defined by the content of the tabs above. If you're uncertain about the details involved in a particular trope, role, or profession, just click on the links. Some of those pages even feature advice on how to build a character that fits those concepts.

Explanation (and how to contribute):

The collapsible field below explains how our system determines what pages can be chosen for each tabs random generator. Click on it to learn how you can add more pages to this generator's database.

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