Random Crimes
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The suspect / perpetrator is:

The crime they are attempting to commit is:

The scene of the crime is:

See Also: Crimes and Punishment, and Crime and Punishment Tropes

Game and Story Use

  • This page serves as a quick and easy way of figuring out what the local Thieves Guild or Mob is up to from week to week. Could be used to generate plots for a mystery / investigation / police game, or just as flavorful dressing of what's happening in the background.

Note: The Random Page function presently does not refresh very often, so wait one or more minutes before reloading the page.

How this page functions (and how you can contribute)

This page uses the Random Page module and the tag system of the Wiki. It's still experimental, and the list of crimes and criminals it can generate is still somewhat limited. Most of the crimes are individual confidence games, but I plan to change that fairly soon, with at least some stub pages on a variety of crimes. Likewise, I plan to put up some pages on various criminal organizations.

Currently, it's really simple and basic. It generates one random page with the crime tag, and one random page with the criminals tag. I'm considered adding a random police or investigator link, or a random lead, but that'll take some time and effort to implement in a meaningful way. At the moment, it's better to put the energy into generating more crimes and criminals pages. It's easy to contribute, if you're interested: just make a relevant page, and put the appropriate tag on it.

There are currently 124 pages with the "crime" tag.

There are currently 79 pages with the "criminals" tag.

The random crime scene part of the generator is of even more dubious use, since it tends to generate some very specific places. Currently it uses any page with a location tag. There's probably a way to restructure that to make the results less goofy, but again it'll take time.

There are currently 183 pages with the "location" tag.

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