Ranged DPS
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Basic Information

The Ranged DPS combat role is a Long Range Fighter who deals out lots of damage at a good remove from the target, such as an Archer. Unlike The Sniper they don't rely on stealth or ambush to be effective, and they're usually more resilient than the Glass Cannon or Squishy Wizard. That doesn't necessarily mean they want to get "stuck in" on the front lines, but they'll either happily stay back where their range is it's own protection, or perhaps rely on speed to get out of the way of the worst threats. They're not The Tank, but they're not particularly averse to a protracted fight, either.


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Game and Story Use

  • Excels in systems with detailed movement rules, and longer weapon ranges than charging speeds.
    • Not so great in games with abstract (or non-existent) positioning and movement rules.
    • Much better in any system where it takes several turns to rush an archer.
    • Systems (or GMs) that handwave the logistics of ammunition tend to bring out the best in the Ranged DPS concept. A high rate of fire is great if you don't have to account for every bullet or arrow, and self-defeating if you can only carry or afford a single clip or quiver.
  • How your system handles point blank shot and the drop may define the power curve and flexibility of this class. Some games let you shoot adjacent targets, others penalize you harshly if you let a foe get too close.
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