Ranged Weapon
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Basic Information

This is a weapon that strikes targets at distance. For clarity we will consider a weapon ranged only if, at the moment of impact there is no connection between the part that strikes the target and any part still held by the user - thus a thrown weapon1 is ranged and a crossbow2 is ranged but a rope dart isn't because the user (in theory) retains hold of the rope whilst the dart hits the target.

Ranged weapons run the gamut of technology, from a stone snatched at venture from the ground to guns and directed energy weapons. An indicative list of types would include:

…and these are only individual weapons heavy weapons and ordnance are served seperately.

Most known examples are piercing weapons, although some (generally more primitive ones or less lethal weapons) are bludgeoning weapons instead and the (currently theoretical) directed energy weapons are harder to classify.


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Game and Story Use

  • The prevalence of ranged weapons will have a significant effect on how combat works in any given setting - where they are limited to a few hand flung objects, there will likely be more face to face confrontations and personal combats than where common and deadly ranged weapons create an "empty battlefield" where combatants strive to avoid being seen, let alone hit.
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