Raven Rock Mountain Complex
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Basic Information

Also known as the Raven Rock Military Complex, RRMC*, ANMCC, AJCC, Backup Pentagon, Underground Pentago, or just Site R. This Underground Base and fallout shelter is a US Government facility is located within Raven Rock, a mountain in Pennsylvania. Also at the location is a Site RT, an array of communications towers atop the mountain. Site R is part of Fort Ritchie, Maryland.

At the RRMC, the Defense Information Systems Agency provides computer services, and the 114th Signal Battalion provides communications to various US government and military organizations. The facility has a staff of 16,000 people. The site is a deep underground hardened command and communications center. It is close enough to Washington, D.C. and Camp David to be an evacuation site for key government personnel in the event of a disaster or war.

It is unlawful for any person "entering in or on the property … to make any photograph, sketch, picture, drawing, map or graphical representation of the Raven Rock Mountain Complex". As such, the GM is free to describe the facility however he likes. Early plans envisioned separate structures for command personnel, power, fuel, and water; more than three miles (5 km) of air entrainment tunnels; and access shafts to the surface.

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