Rebellious Princess

Basic Information

Being a princess is so boring! You sit around a palace all day and they make you wear ridiculous dresses and attend tiresome court functions and they never let you do anything exciting and you know that eventually they'll force you into an arranged marriage with some elderly viscount or something. No, you are a Rebellious Princess, and you want adventure!

The Rebellious Princess is usually an adolescent, because that's what adolescent girls are; and frequently becomes a love interest for the Hero. She will either run off with a Dashing Adventurer, or sneak off to have adventures of her own.

Of course as a "spare" princess, much like a low order son, she may have a certain amount of latitude - female royal bastards may also be in this position - if you want a background for a woman with a reasonable amount of money and leisure this may be a good one.

Another subversion is to make her the heir - and unwilling to face responsibility for her nation.



Game and Story Use

  • Rebellious Princess is a possible background for a PC Action Girl.
    • She might grow up into a Lady of War.
      • An academic princess could be an interesting subversion - one who wants to pursue scholarship/a religious vocation or (if applicable) magic. As above, if she isn't a priority for diplomatic marriage and has an indulgent father this will be a lot easier.
    • Princess Leia was a princess who was a rebel, not necessarily a Rebellious Princess. Just making that clear.
  • The Rebellious Princess has possibilities as an NPC.
    • She can be a romantic interest for one of the PC's; perhaps running away from her palace to join the party.
      • Don't think her family's going to like that.
    • Or perhaps she has run off with some other disreputable type, and her family hires the party to get her back.
      • Why does she have to be in love with anybody? Maybe she just wants to hack up orcs/become an international jewel thief/work as an exotic dancer. A girl has ambitions, you know.
      • The point is, that she's supposed to marry Prince Ughthwart next week and if the party doesn't get her to the chapel in time, then Heads Will Roll!
      • It's also good to subvert the traditional modern take on this (that the princess has every right to do what she wants) by emphasising the consequences of her running out on her diplomatic marriage (for example, the evil empire then picks off her fiancĂ©e's nation and hers in detail…).
  • Another option is to have a conflict of inheritance, either on Salic grounds (for example when the Empress Maude1, named as heir by her father King Henry I, disputed for the English throne with her cousin Stephen of Blois … a period of English history known, for good reason, as "The Anarchy") or the sort of failure to abolish a regency implied in Rudyard Kipling's Gow's Watch, leading her into conflict with her mother or stepmother.
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