Reconstructing London's Temple of Mithras
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September 25, 2014: After a 3rd Century temple of Mithras was discovered in London, United Kingdom in 1954, it became a major tourist attraction before it had to be moved for the development of a new office building. Now the site is redeveloped again, and the new owners (Bloomberg) plan to incorporate the reconstructed temple into their new building, which is intended to be finished in 2017. The archaeologists in charge of reconstructing it have asked the visitors of its past incarnation to donate photos, memorabilia, and recollections of their visit so that they can reconstruct it more accurately.



Game and Story Use

  • So… a major news/media company wants to recreate a temple of a Persian/Greek/Roman mystery cult in their basement? Wonder what they might use it for?
  • For that matter, are we really sure if it was actually Mithras being worshiped at the temple - or a far darker entity?
    • And even if it was indeed the case, it is entirely possible that the plans for the reconstructed site are being altered for just such a purpose.
  • Similar methods might be used to reconstruct temples and other sites around the world that were destroyed after the advent of photography.
    • And sometimes, such sites might have been destroyed for very good reason - say, by Call of Cthulhu investigators wishing to stop a summoning of a Great Old One. Modern-day cultists could push the reconstruction of such a site in full public view - all in the name of archaeology…
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