Report reveals Burma's 2014 nukes target
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August 2, 2009: According to defectors, Burma is expanding a nuclear program with the aid of North Korea and Russia, and aims to have nuclear weapons by 2014. According to the report, Burma has 10 uranium mines, two uranium refineries and two nuclear reactor sites - one civilian near Magwe, another one military in nature which was built into a small mountain near Naung Laing by North Koreans. Furthermore, Russians are allegedly already teaching the locals how to reprocess uranium - a vital step for creating nuclear weapons.



Game and Story Use

  • Damaging or destroying the sites of the nuclear research program would make for an excellent task for high-end mercenaries or special forces members.
  • This has interesting geopolitical consequences - China now faces the second rogue nation on its borders which it has supported and which now might attain nuclear weapons. This will make the region more unstable which clashes with Chinese business interests - and it also weakens the position of China as a regional hegemon. Thus, China might intervene itself to keep the situation from degrading further…
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