Research Show Robots Forming Human-like Societies
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May 19, 2009: Scientists in Switzerland have used an evolutionary approach to create robots with distinct personalities and societies. They let the robots freely roam in an area with "food" and "poison" areas which will recharge or drain the batteries of the robots. The neural networks robots left with the most energy after a certain amount of time are used as the seed for the next generation of robots.

After 50 generations, the robots have developed distinct personalities and behaviors, including "cheaters" who will falsely label a poison area as "safe" to lure other robots to their doom, and "martyrs" who moved into poison zones to warn other robots away.

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Game and Story Use

  • This process could be used in the future to develop artificial intelligences which are truly altruistic and cooperative.
    • Or at least ones which can pretend to be altruistic if they are smart enough to understand the nature of this weeding-out process.
    • And perhaps they are only compassionate towards other robots. Thus, they might be upset at the researchers who constantly discard the "weaker" AIs…
  • Similarly, this might be used to create truly evil and wicket AIs, like what these people are trying to. The potential for disaster here is also great.
    • Still, you just know that some company will use "cheater" AIs for their traders and managers to "maximize profits". After all, a Corrupt Corporate Executive might very well favor AIs which will "do whatever it takes" to make a profit instead of AIs which prefer to be honest and compassionate in their dealings…
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