Researchers Create Portable Black Hole
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October 15, 2008:

An article in Nature magazine describes a device physicists have created that can suck up microwave light, much as a black hole does, and convert it into heat. The device is roughly 22 cm. across — small enough to fit in a coat pocket — and utilizes "metamaterials", specially engineered materials that can bend light in unusual ways.

The device is not a true black hole, of course, because it does not have a super-dense gravitational field; nor does it emit Hawking radiation. Rather, it uses a series of "resonators" in about 60 concentric rings to bend light towards the center where another set of resonators convert it to heat so that the light cannot escape as light.

The inventors are working on a device capable of doing the same to optical light which they hope may have applications in solar cells


Game and Story Use

  • This technology could be used to develop invisibility.
  • It could also make solar energy more practical.
  • An artificial black hole is just the sort of think a mad scientist would have on his desk. Just sayin'.
  • These "metamaterials" sound like some cool technobabble.
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