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Basic Information

RHEx is a small hexapod robot developed by Boston Dynamics. It is capable of moving through difficult terrain, up slopes (and even stairs and (in rugged variants) even through water. It is capable of reaching top speeds of 2.7 m/s (or 9.72 km/h). Its development was funded by DARPA.


1. Boston Dynamics page - with video

Game and Story Use

  • Imagine them as moving bombs - if you attach explosives to them, and steer a swarm of them into territory held by the enemy, you can easily ruin his day.
    • Consider hiding a few of them near the enemy's base, and activating them remotely and individually throughout the night to keep them awake - and nervous.
  • Like a lot of military tech, this could be developed into some civilian uses Twenty Minutes Into The Future:
    • Mobility assists for the handicapped
    • Search and rescue drones (or autonomous bots)
    • An offroad vehicle for going really offroad
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