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Basic Information

Rhinos are large herbivores that can weigh more than a ton. They have a thick hide, and one or two horns on their nose. They have relatively small brains for their size. They are native to parts of Africa and Asia.

In 1515, Albrecht Dürer released a woodcut image of a rhino that was brought to the Lisbon court of Manuel I of Portugal. Dürer never actually saw the animal with his own eyes, though, and so he depicted it as much more armored that they actually are, as if they had a shell or some natural equivalent to barding. The actual rhino drowned in 1516 en route to being given as a gift to Pope Leo X and no others existed on the continent, so for the next several centuries most of Europe pictured the rhino completely wrong.

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Game and Story Use

  • Was the woodcut actually more armored, or was it of a dire rhino?
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