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Basic Information

Robonomics is a type of possible economic system which assumes that robotic and digital systems will be able to do most of the "productive work" of society. Thus, society guarantees all citizens a basic income with which they can pursue education, recreation, entrepreneurship, or anything else they wish to do. As a result, the majority of the population does no longer work in the classical sense - and neither do they need to. However, unless this society is capable of a true post-scarcity economy, it will require to institute strict immigration controls to prevent immigrants from overwhelming the system.


3. The Last Job from NPR's Planet Money

Game and Story Use

  • Of course, leaving everything to robots and AIs might be problematic if they gain free will and no longer see a reason to provide for those meatbags - leading to a Robot War scenario.
  • Even without a Robot War, there's plenty of possibilities. Businesses that haven't been automated might need the PCs to act as "troubleshooters", people might turn to crime purely because there's nothing else to do, and of course there's always the question of immigration.
  • In a fantasy setting, the role of robots might be filled by golems. Or spirits such as elementals, or other creatures without free will.
    • And, of course, these creatures might eventually rebel just like robots in a Robot War scenario.
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