The Good, the Evil, and the -----
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By goldenerasuburb


The Adventure Seed

For time immemorial, the cosmic forces of Order and Chaos have clashed, their acolytes working their will throughout the sentient races of the universe. The Forces of Order sought to unite all of them under one system - one way of life, with all others absorbed whether by their own will or by force. To them the alternative is a mess of cultures fighting it out, with many lives lost until either all are dead or one has won.

The Forces of Chaos, disunited as they are, agreed and still agree that with power comes the temptation to use it for evil, and wherever such a world system emerges it will eventually become corrupt. As much as they don't like it, they have no choice but to unite.

Of course, this does not matter to you. You're not in this for the ideals of Order or Chaos. With the economy in such horrible shape, you're in it for one thing and one thing alone: To pay the bills.

Game and Story Ideas

  • The PCs can work for either or both sides - of course, order will be trying to build good-aligned power blocks to resist evil, whereas chaos will trying to destroy concentrations of power with the potential to be abused … the PCs could find themselves undoing their own actions from one mission to another…
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