Rod (Cryptozoology)
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Basic Information

Rods are alleged cryptids which have only appeared on video cameras. Sightings of rods have occurred in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Philippines and China - even underwater, such as in the Cave of Swallows in Mexico. More recent research suggests that they are an optical illusion caused by the wings of insects being captured by the sweep pattern of digital photography.

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Game and Story Use

  • Of course, that explanation sounds too much of a smoke screen that Men in Black would come up with - just like swamp gas allegedly explains UFO sightings. But the player characters know better - right?
    • And it doesn't account for the underwater sightings of rods, after all.
  • So what are the rods? Ghosts? Aliens? Are they intelligent? Do they have nefarious plans?
  • We can't see them but our technology can. Perhaps they're out of phase, or even a fourth-dimensional lifeform.
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