Rogue kangaroo tries to drown dog
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November 23, 2009: A Kangaroo in Melbourne, Australia tried to drown a dog at a dam. When the dog's owner tried to rescue it, the kangaroo attacked him, leaving deep cuts in his abdomen and face.



Game and Story Use

  • Would make for a very memorable "random encounter" with a "wandering monster".
  • Why did the 'roo want to drown the dog? It's a very unusual hunting method, especially since kangaroos are herbivores. Either you've got a psycho 'roo on the loose, or something even more bizarre is going on.
    • If it's a psycho kangaroo, it might drown more animals, or even children.
    • In a setting with talking animals, the dog might have picked the fight. Or, perhaps it's all a misunderstanding by us dumb humans, and that was Kangaroo-the-Baptist trying to save the dog's soul.
    • Possibly the kangaroo is smarter than might be expected and, attacked by a dog, played to its advantages.
  • The news article is just the official story, or what "the Veil" made bystanders see.
    • There was actually some horrible leaping cryptid or monster that defies description. No one got a good look at it, or if they did, they're keeping it to themselves.
    • Beyond cryptid - it was an Eldritch Abomination! The sanity loss from seeing the thing was severe, and their minds nearly snapped. They're in denial now, and insist it must have been a kangaroo… nothing else jumps like that!
    • It's a lycanthrope, a were-a-roo. On the next full moon the man, and/or the dog, will turn into a kangaroo!
  • Christopher Robin lied - 'Roos are dangerous. Look out, piglet! :)
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