Rotating Into Time
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By simple rotation, we can interchange any of the three spatial dimensions. Now, if time is the fourth dimension, then it is possible to make "rotations" that convert space into time and vice-versa.
—Michio Kaku

Basic Information

As if Time Travel and curved Spacetime weren't scary enough before, you had to go drag the Dimensionality into it.

The implications of Time as the Fourth Dimension are many, but here's one of my favorites in terms of "what the heck does that mean?" :

Let's say you have a rectangular block. It's three units tall, one unit deep, and one unit wide. You flip it over. Now it's one unit tall, one unit deep, and three units wide. Same object, but oriented in a different direction, and thus fitting in places it might not have before. The ability to rotate things in space is well established and understood.

Such an object, however, also has a Time Dimension. For the sake of an argument, perhaps it's a pretty durable or "long-lived" block, with 100 units of duration. Now, if I rotate it relative to the fourth dimension, could I be changing it to one unit deep, one unit wide, 100 units tall, and only 3 units of duration? What the heck would that mean? Mathematically, the object is much larger in terms of our 3-Dimensional Area, but it's existence is merely fleeting compared to before.

This is (obviously) some weird hypothetical stuff, here. The GM is free to define it as they see fit, disallow it, etc.

As I see it, though, a Time Machine or Fourth Dimensional Lifeform capable of rotating space into time would have some crazy mixed-up powers. We're talking Alien Geometries and With Great Power Comes Great Insanity type stuff. You could give someone a little shove, and they'd balloon up in size, then rapidly cease to exist. A really large entity with these powers might be able to expand the length of it's life by shrinking it's body. And there's nothing to say that the expansions have to be into the future - perhaps as you shrink, you are retroactively born earlier. It boggles the mind.


1. Book: Hyperspace by Michio Kaku

Physics Forums has a thread that seems to be discussing this topic, but most of it is a little over my head. I present it as a possible source of further information, if you've already got a good grounding in science and technobabble.

Game and Story Use

  • This kinda weirdness is what separates the true Time Master from the "mere" Veteran Chrononaut. Oh, sure the Chrononaut has some clever Temporal Tricks up his sleeve, but probably nothing quite like this.
  • Clock roaches however, might be able to do this instinctively, and use this power to clean up (or devour) time.
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