Royalty And Nobility Tropes

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Royalty and Nobility Tropes are topical tropes about monarchs, nobles, and their families.

List of Royalty and Nobility Tropes

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Abdicate the Throne,
Adipose Rex,
Adopted into Royalty,
Altar Diplomacy,
Aristocrats Are Evil,
Arranged Marriage,
Awesome Moment of Crowning,
Balcony Speech,
Bar Sinister,
Benevolent Mage Ruler,
Blue Blood,
The Caligula,
The Chief's Daughter,
A Child Shall Lead Them,
The Clan,
Big, Screwed-Up Family,
Color-Coded Patrician,
Consummation Counterfeit,
Cool Crown,
Court Mage,
Courtly Love,
Crown of Horns,
Deadly Decadent Court,
Decadent Court,
Divine Right of Kings,
Elective Monarchy,
The Emperor,
Emperor Scientist,
Ermine Cape Effect,
Everything's Better with Princesses,
Evil Chancellor,
The Evil Prince,
Fake Aristocrat,
Fake King,
Feudal Future,
Finders Rulers,
Fisher King,
Founder of the Kingdom,
God Save Us from the Queen!,
The Good Chancellor,
The Good King,
The Good Kingdom,
Heir Club for Men,
Heroic Lineage,
Hidden Backup Prince,
The High King,
High Priest,
The High Queen,
Hot Consort,
Immortal Ruler,
Impoverished Patrician,
In Its Hour of Need,
Insect Queen,
Just the First Citizen,
King Bob the Nth,
King Incognito,
King in the Mountain,
Kingmaker Scenario,
King of Beasts,
King Of Gods,
King on His Deathbed,
The Kingslayer,
Kneel Before Frodo,
Knight in Shining Armor,
Lady of War,
Lord Country,
Lost Orphaned Royalty,
Magical Girl Queenliness Test,
The Magnificent,
Medical Monarch,
Modest Royalty,
Mother Makes You King,
Nazi Nobleman,
Nobility Marries Money,
Noble Fugitive,
Offered the Crown,
The Performer King,
Please Spare Him, My Liege!,
Prestige Peril,
Prince Charming,
Prince Charmless,
Princeling Rivalry,
Princess in Rags,
Princesses Rule,
Puppet King,
Rags to Royalty,
Really Royalty Reveal,
Rebel Prince,
Rebellious Princess,
Regal Ruff,
Regent for Life,
Reluctant Ruler,
Requisite Royal Regalia,
Rightful King Returns,
Royal Blood,
Royal Inbreeding,
Royal Brat,
Royal Decree,
Royal Harem,
Royal Mess,
Royal Rapier,
Royal "We",
Royally Screwed Up,
Royals Who Actually Do Something,
Royalty Super Power,
Ruler Protagonist,
Ruling Couple,
Ruling Family Massacre,
She Is the King,
Sheltered Aristocrat,
Sketchy Successor,
Spare to the Throne,
The Squire,
Standard Royal Court,
Strong Empire, Shriveled Emperor,
Succession Crisis,
Thousand-Year Reign,
Throne Made of X,
Too Important to Walk,
Unexpected Successor,
The Usurper,
Vampire Monarch,
Warrior Prince,
What's Up, King Dude?,
Winter Royal Lady,
The Wise Prince,
The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask,
The Wrongful Heir to the Throne

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  • Nobles come complete with numerous allies, enemies, long-running vendettas, and all sorts of other stuff that can provide excellent adventure fodder.
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